HAPI Data Access Specification

The Heliophysics Application Programmer’s Interface (HAPI) data access specification is a RESTful API and streaming format specification for delivering digital time series data.

The HAPI specification describes a minimum set of capabilities needed for a server to allow access to the time series data values within one or more data collections.

Current stable release: Version 2.1.0: PDF HTML

Current draft version

Email Lists


A list of HAPI data servers is available at http://hapi-server.org/servers

Client Software

See repositories with names starting with client- at https://github.com/hapi-server for IDL, MATLAB, and Python client software.

Data from HAPI servers can be visualized using Autoplot (http://autoplot.org/) by selecting File -> Add Plot From -> hapi…

Server Software

See repositories with names starting with server- at https://github.com/hapi-server.

Server Verification

HAPI server developers can test their server using http://hapi-server.org/verify.