HAPI server verifier. See verifier-nodejs for source code for tests.


In the following, {id,dataset} means id or dataset allowed; {time.min,start} means time.min or start allowed; {time.max,start} means time.max or start allowed

If id or dataset starts with a ^, it is interpreted as a regular expression and only datasets with ids that match will be tested.

Only a URL that ends in /hapi is required. Only one ID and one PARAMETER may be specified (a comma-separated list is not supported).

When only a URL is provided, all datasets and all parameters are checked. For data requests, start=sampleStartDate and stop=sampleStopDate are used if both are given in a dataset's /info response; otherwise start=startDate and stop=startDate+P1D from the /info response are used.

The parameters metatimeout and datatimeout set the amount of time in milliseconds before a warning about response time is given. metatimeout applies to all non-/data requests. The defaults are described and given in the function timeout in tests.js.

Usage Examples

Test URLs

The following URLs are tested when the verifier is updated.